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Members of VF-17 posing in front of BIG HOG, LCDR Tom Blackburn's plane.
From left to right, Ens. Whitney Wharton, LTjg Douglas H. Gutenkunst (KIA January 30th 1944), LT Harry A. March, LCDR J. Thomas Blackburn, Ens. Tom Killefer, Ens F. James Streig, Dr. Lyle Hermann, Flight surgeon & Cpl Jim Taylor from the USMC

Below, you will find a list of the plank members of VF-17 as compiled by LCDR Blackburn in the appendix of the book he wrote on the history of the VF-17 Jolly Rogers. While most lived to survive the war, some made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of the United States navy.
This is a memorial to the brave pilots that fought and died in the WW2. Our wish is that their memory stay alive long after they are gone so we  and the future generation might remember that the peace and freedom we enjoy today and hold as our birthright has a price in blood that our father and grandfather paid dearly.

The above picture is an unnamed veteran, saluting the flag during a ceremony to honor the veterans and the dead from WW2.

The above picture is the unknown soldier's tomb in Ottawa, Ont. It contains the remains of an unidentified soldier that fought for the dominion of Canada during WW1. It is a symbol for all who gave heir life anonymously for their country. It is flanked at all time by two mourning soldiers from different arms of the military.

"And When He Gets To Heaven, 
To Saint Peter He Will Tell; 
One More Marine Reporting Sir, 
I've Served My Time In Hell"
- Marine Grave inscription

"They fought together as
brothers-in-arms. They died
together and now they
sleep side by side. To them
we have a solemn obligation"
-Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

VF-17 Plank Members

CallsignName War NotesLife Notes 
Bob, AndyAnderson, Robert S.Detached 11/24/43 
BradBaker, BradfordMIA 11/17/43 
RayBeacham, Sheldon R.  
EdBeealer, Edward E.Detached 2/4/44 
Thad, JuggyBell, Theddeus R.MIA 1/27/44 
BitzBitzegaio, Harold J.  
Tommy, TomBlackburn, J. ThomasAce, COPassed away March 21st, 1994
HapBowers, George F.  
TeethBurriss, Howard M. Ace, KIA 1/31/44  
JackChasnoff, Jack W. Detached 12/10/43  
OcChenoweth, Oscar I. Ace  
AceCole, Marvin W.  
LemCooke, Lemuel D. Detached 1/10/44  
DannyCunnigham, Daniel G. Ace  
ButchDavenport, Merl W. Ace  
DiteDiteman, James E.   
PerceDivenny, Percy E. MIA 2/4/44  
JimmyDixon, James C.   
ClydeDunn, Clyde R. MIA 2/7/44  
IneEinar, Robert W.   
FatsoEllsworth, John O.   
JimFarley, James MIA 1/26/44  
LouFitzgerald, Louis A.   
ChicoFreeman, Doris C. Ace in VF-84, 1945  
GibbyGilbert, Carl W.   
TimmyGiles, Clement D. Ace  
DougGutenkunst, Douglas H. KIA 1/30/44  
Sunny JimHalford, James A. Detached 11/22/43  
RogHedrick, Roger R. Ace  
WindyHill, Robert R.   
BobHogan, Robert H. KIA 1/26/44  
StinkyInnis, Donald A.   
HalJackson, Robert H.   
Andy GumpJagger, Frederick A.   
JohnKeith, John H. KIA 11/1/43  
LouKelly, Louis M. Detached 11/22/43  
IkeKepford, Ira C. Ace  
Tom, TKKillefer, Tom   
JohnnyKleinman, John M. Detached 11/22/43  
KropfKropf, Thomas F. KIA 2/4/44  
MelKurlander, Melvin M.   
CountryLandreth, William L.   
DonMalone, Donald T. KIA 2/4/44  
Dirty EddieMarch, Harry A.Ace  
MattyMatthews, Marvin   
EarlMay, Earl Ace  
MacMcQueen, Donald R.   
CueMcQuiston, Louis T. Detached 2/6/44  
WillieMeek, William P.   
JamieMiller, James KIA 2/6/44  
BobbyMims, Robert Ace  
PetePeterson, Earl C., Jr. Detached 2/19/44  
ChuckPillsbury, Charles A. KIA 11/21/43  
Beads, PeterPopp, Wilbert P.   
RichRichardson, Harold B.   
MillsSchanuel, Mills  Passed away Sept 1st, 2010. He was 92. 
WaltSchub, Walter J.   
JimSmith, James M. Ace in VF-84, 1945  
JimStreig, F. James Ace  
WhitWharton, Whitney C., Jr.